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Last updated 28. Mai 2024

How to use the Search Tickets activity

The Zoho Desk APIs offer support for two search types: exact match and wildcard match.

An exact match retrieves resources only when the provided value precisely matches a resource in the help desk.

A wildcard match retrieves resources even if the provided value partially matches a resource in the help desk. To execute a wildcard match, simply append an asterisk (*) after the search value.

Find below some common instances illustrating how to execute a query on the Search Tickets activity.

Search for tickets assigned to an agent with a High priority and an Open status

  1. Start by using a Search Agents activity to retrieve the agent ID. If you already know it, you can use Search Tickets directly.
  2. In the Search Tickets activity, set the query to: priority=High&status=Open&assigneeID=0000. For the assignee ID, you can use the exact string or the ID property retrieved as a variable using the Search Agents activity.

Search for tickets where Subject matches UiPath

  1. Use a Search Tickets activity and set the query as follows: subject=UiPath*.
  2. Add a For Each activity. For the List of items field, select the Tickets output from the previous activity.
  3. Inside the For Each, add a Write Line activity and set the text to: currentItem.subject.

For more information on working with the Search Tickets activity, see the Zoho Desk API documentation.

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