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Integration Service Activities
Last updated 22. Mai 2024

Get Envelope



Retrieves the envelope status.


  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the dropdown menu to choose, add, or manage connections. This field supports only strings or String variables.
  • Envelope - Type the name or ID of the envelope. If the envelope is not found in the drop-down, you can first scroll the drop-down till the bottom to get all the available envelopes and then type the envelope or retrieve the envelope ID from the DocuSign application -> Manage tab -> Goto Sent or Draft under Envelopes -> Click on the respective envelope and retrieve the envelope ID from URL. For example, if the URL is, the envelope ID is 3ae67e54-f761-4a5b-a23e-b5e4835492cc.



  • Response - The returned Envelope object.
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