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Integration Service Activities
Last updated 22. Mai 2024


The following table lists the activities that are included in the Stripe activities package.

Table 1.
Get RecordRetrieves a record from Stripe.
Insert RecordInserts a record in Stripe.
Update RecordUpdates a record in Stripe.
List All RecordsLists all records from Stripe.
Capture FundsCaptures the payments which are uncaptured in Stripe.
Search PaymentsSearches for payments based on given criteria in Stripe.
Search Payments by StatusSearches for payments based on a specified status in Stripe.
Payment is Authorized but Not CapturedTriggers when a credit card is charged and authorized.
Payment is SuccessfulTriggers when a payment is successful.
Record CreatedTriggers when a record is created in Stripe.
Record UpdatedTriggers when a record is updated in Stripe.

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