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Silver Certified

The listing needs to pass each of the requirements listed below. In case there are issues with any of the steps, the Marketplace Partner will be required to fix them and explain any possible discrepancies.

Once all three of the requirements are met, the listing will receive the Silver Certified badge which will be visible on the listing’s page.

The necessary time required for obtaining this level is 7 to 10 business days.

Content Review

The purpose of this step is to verify if the Upload Form is properly filled in as described in the Publishing Guidelines.

It checks whether or not the information submitted is accurate and meaningful in relation to the proposed topic of the listing as per its Title. All fields in the form are equally important as they tackle all aspects of the automation (Description, Benefits, Compatibility, Dependencies). The Media provided is also highly relevant as it is a visual method to share the content of the automation.

The Resources Section - User Guide / Installation Guide helps users better understand how to configure and use the listing, therefore it should not miss from the form.



  • If the Standards for Quality Content are not met, then the listing cannot be published on the Marketplace. You will be informed about the reasons behind this decision.
  • If the Upload Form is not correctly filled in or the information present is scarce, the listing will not proceed to the next step in the Certification Process.

Security Checks

Throughout this step, scans are performed with the purpose of verifying whether development/coding best practices, as well as security best practices, are followed.

We also look into software analytics, quality, security measurement, and management, as well as best practices that each Vendor needs to follow and which are mentioned in our Guidelines.

Through the static scanning stage of the process, we check the source code and the executable libraries for a broad range of possible issues. Our approach covers both development best practices and possible malicious code.

Some of the security best practices that are being checked may be:

  • Programming-related: errors that might affect the way the component functions;
  • Credentials handling and Information Leakage;
  • Insufficient or improper Authorization/Authentication and Data Management;
  • Industry-standard security checks;
  • Proper use of external libraries.

Functionality Testing

This step validates the intended use of the listings as specified in the Overview section in the Upload Form. Furthermore, here is where we validate the listing against the quality standards and developing best practices according to the previous stage reports and analysis.

In order to follow our criteria, please make sure you look over the Publishing Guidelines and follow the requirements according to the type of listing you are trying to publish.

If needed, you will receive a communication about any suggestions for improvement or changes that need to be made to the submission.

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Silver Certified

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