Process Mining
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Process Mining
Last updated 2024年4月2日

Architecture overview

This page provides an overview the architecture of UiPath Process Mining. UiPath Process Mining extracts data from source systems (for example, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow), transforms it into event logs, and displays it in interactive process dashboards.​

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Process Mining portal

Users access the Process Mining Portal to interact with dashboards that visualize their processes.

Process Mining engine

The Process Mining Engine is responsible for:

  • Data transformation: Moving the data from Blob storage to the data warehouse, and transforming the data for use in the dashboards.

  • Dashboard interaction: Calculating the process graph, charts and KPIs shown in dashboards.

Extraction tools

Users can upload data files directly in portal or use Extraction tools to extract data from source systems and upload it to a dedicated blob storage.

Platform services

Platform Services are a set of central services in UiPath Automation Cloud that provide functionality such as identity, licensing, and tenant management.

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