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Last updated Jul 10, 2024


This page describes the UiPath® licensing plans for Integration Service, to help you understand how using Integration Service activities in Automation CloudTM consumes your licenses.

There are multiple licensing plans in the UiPath® ecosystem: Community, Free, Pro Trial, Pro, and Enterprise. Integration Service licensing functions differently based on your licensing plan. To learn the difference between different licensing plans, see Plan breakdown in the Automation Cloud Admin Guide.

Integration Service uses Service licenses, which can be distributed to your organizations and tenants. They target a specific metric, in this case, service consumption units, represented by Integration Service API calls.

Integration Service API calls

Integration Service API calls measure the usage of Integration Service activities. One API call is consumed when a call is made to a third party application, regardless of how the call is initiated, i.e. manually, through an attended process, or through an unattended automation.

Integration Service API calls are available as follows:

  • As a dedicated bundle, purchased as a platform individual SKU. These can be used until the available quantity runs out.

  • Bundled with a license, as part of a combined SKU. These are renewed monthly, along with the license they pertain to.

The UiPath licensing platform lists all SKUs relevant to Integration Service API calls.

  • Integration Service API calls

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