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Last updated Dec 4, 2023

About Connector Builder

As part of Integration Service, the Connector Builder enables you to quickly add custom connectors to your tenant catalog in a no-code environment. This is done by wrapping a vendor API into an Integration Service connector and therefore automatically provides rich and scalable functionality on top of that original API. The end result is a new connector within Integration Service that is available on your tenant. This connector exposes the API resources automatically as Activities within UiPath Studio, allowing you to use it within your automation workflows.

When to use Connector Builder

Once you start building workflows using external data, you might run into scenarios where UiPath has no pre-built connectors or activities to help you solve a particular problem. Connector Builder allows you to add connectors to your catalog that are important to you, your co-workers, and your business processes.

A connector built through Connector Builder leverages the Integration Service framework for other connectors providing high reusability within your workflows, therefore it seamlessly connects with the larger UiPath ecosystem (Studio, Orchestrator, Assistant, etc.) and you can use the activities created for this connector just like any other activities.


Connector Builder connects to external systems through their vendor API documentation, and, as such, the vendor must already expose their API documentation in order for it to be accessible.

The vendor API needs to be REST-compliant and both accept and returnJSON.

In order to connect and test any of the API calls you are working with, you will need access to the vendor application and their API through their specific authentication method.

Note: You must use Studio Desktop 23.10 or above in order to consume the activities for your connector.
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