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Last updated Dec 4, 2023


The Integration Service enables integrations/connections across all products in UiPath platform. It standardizes authorization and authentication for the systems you want to integrate with.

About connectors

Connectors help create a secure connection in association to applications external to UiPath. A connector is a powerful pre-built API integration that provides a consistent developer experience while simplifying the integration process.


The lifecycle stage of a connector is included as a visible tag. Depending on the connector, you can see one of the following stages displayed:

  • Preview - the connector is in preview mode and is not generally available yet;
  • Deprecated - the connector is no longer maintained moving forward.

Accessing connectors

You can access the available connectors by following the steps below:

  1. Access the Automation Cloud platform.
  2. On the left-side menu, click on Integration Service. The windows includes three separate tabs:

    • Connectors
    • Connections
    • Triggers
  3. In the Connectors tab, click the desired connector to create a new connection or update an existing one.

Alternatively, you can use the Search box located in the upper-left side of the interface to easily find the connector you are looking for. To make things easier, the feature performs searches both in names and descriptions of the connectors. So, for example, if you type marketing, you see a list of connectors for marketing-oriented services.

You can also select which connectors you want to be displayed on the screen by using the connector catalog filter. The available checkboxes correspond to the following types of connectors:

  • Official - connectors generally available
  • Preview - connectors available in Public Preview
  • Custom - connectors created using Connector Builder


    Connections created/updated are specific to the user and the platform.

    Processes must be deployed in modern folders. Classical folders are not supported.

  • About connectors
  • Accessing connectors
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