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Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Salesforce Marketing Cloud authentication

When establishing the connection to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance, you will first have to specify the Tenant name.

You can retrieve your Tenant name from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the Setup screen ( you can hover over your account name in the upper-right corner and select Setup from the drop-down menu).
  3. On the left-side menu, select Company Settings, then click Account Settings.
  4. You should be able to see your tenant name next to SOAP WSDL in the form of:

    Note: On your account, instead of example, the above address will include your tenant name. Copy it and use it to establish the connection using the UiPath Integration Service.

After providing the Tenant Name, log in to your Salesforce account with the following credentials:

  • Username - The username shared by the Salesforce sales team to access your account.
  • Password - The password shared by the Salesforce sales team to access your account.
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