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Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Google Docs events

The Google Docs connector supports the following events via polling for the Document object:

  • New Record Created
  • Existing Record Updated
  • Existing Record Deleted
  • When a new document is created
  • When a document is updated
  • When a document is moved to trash

    Note: When a document is deleted, a prompt to choose between "Go to Docs Screen" or "Take out of trash" is displayed. When clicking “Go to Docs Screen”, the document is displayed for a split second, before the user is redirected to the home screen. Due to this phenomenon, there are 2 DELETED events triggered (one for the actual deletion and one for viewing the document for a split second). This cannot be avoided as it is vendor behavior
    Note: Google is incrementing the version of document which is causing additional events even though there is no actual update done by user. One possible cause for this update of version could be just viewing of the document by the user. As this is Vendor behavior, users will see additional events even when there is no actual update.

Event polling is performed every 5 minutes, by default. The polling interval is configurable. For details, see the Triggers documentation.

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