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Zendesk Authentication

When creating a OAuth 2.0 connection to your Zendesk instance via the UiPath Connector, you will have to provide your unique Zendesk subdomain.

To retrieve your subdomain, you will have to:

  1. Access you Zendesk account and go to the Admin window.

  2. Scroll down to the Settings section and click Account.

  3. In the Branding tab scroll down and your subdomain will be displayed in the Subdomain section.

Use this subdomain when establishing the connection in UiPath Automation Cloud. You will be asked for your Zendesk credentials (Email and password) before the process is finalized

Creating your own Zendesk app

You can also create your own OAuth client within your Zendesk account, by following the steps detailed below:

  1. Access you Zendesk account and click the Zendesk products button in the upper right corner. Select Admin Center.

  2. In the left-side menu expand the Apps and Integrations menu and select Zendesk API.

  3. Go to the OAuth Clients tab and select Add OAuth client.

  4. Choose any Client name, Description, Company name and Logo.

  5. In the Unique identifier section, type the following: uipath_for_zendesk

  6. In the Redirect URLs section, type:

  7. Click Save.

The above steps were originally documented on the Zendesk website on November 29, 2021. For updated information and more details regarding OAuth and Zendesk applications visit the Zendesk support website


With access to your Zendesk account, UiPath can do the following:

  • Read all user data.
  • Write all user data.

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Zendesk Authentication

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