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Twilio Authentication


To authenticate using Twilio you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your Phone Number
  • Specify whether the instance is created using Test Credentials
  • Your Account SID - This is the he unique 34 character id that represents the parent of this account.
  • Your Auth Token

Twilio Account SID and Auth Token

Twilio uses these two credentials, the Account SID and the Auth Token, to determine which account an API request is coming from. In that sense, the Account SID acts as a username, while the Auth Token acts as a password.

You can find the Account SID and Auth Token in the General Settings page. In the twilio interface click the Account button and select General Settings. Your account's Auth Token is hidden by default. Click Show to display the token, and Hide to conceal it again.

The above steps were originally documented on the Twilio website on December 7, 2021. For updated information and more details regarding Twilio visit the Twilio documentation website.

Twilio Test Credentials

Should you wish to use your Test Credentials, you can find them by accessing Project > Project Settings > API Credentials. They are displayed next to your LIVE Credentials. More information about test credentials is available here.


Connecting allows UiPath to read, write, modify, and delete Twilio data on your behalf.

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Twilio Authentication

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