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About the Smartsheet connector

Smartsheet is a web-based spreadsheet program. Smartsheet enables users to create and manage data in spreadsheets & CSVs, assign tasks, track project progress, share documents and manage other work, using a tabular user interface.


Before automating processes, you need to establish a connection with your Smartsheet instance. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Smartsheet authentication page.

You can use the connection to enable the Smartsheet activities in Studio to build automations that interact with your Smartsheet data. This allows you to access create, get, update, delete, search and list capabilities for your Smartsheet objects.


The Smartsheet connector supports events via polling. Information about the supported events is available in the Smartsheet events page.

Provider documentation

The UiPath connector is compatible with the Smartsheet REST API v2. Learn more at the Smartsheet website.

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About the Smartsheet connector

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