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ServiceNow Authentication


To establish the connection, you need to give the connector the ability to retrieve the OAuth access token and enable the activities to successfully send requests to the ServiceNow API.

Setup OAuth

Complete the Setup OAuth steps in the ServiceNow documentation. While the documented steps are likely the same across all ServiceNow platform regions, it's recommended that you follow the steps for your specific region in case there are differences (e.g., Madrid, New York, etc.)

For reference, below is how we setup OAuth for our examples.

  1. Sign in to your ServiceNow instance (e.g.,
  2. Go to System Definitions > Plugins and verify the OAuth plugin Status is set to Active.
  1. Go to System OAuth > Application Registry and click New.
    • When asked What kind of OAuth application?, click Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients.
  1. Enter a Name for your application (e.g. UiPathQuickstart) and click Submit (if successful, you are redirected back to your Application Registries list).
  1. In the Application Registries list, find your new application and click on its Name to open the details page.
  2. Click on the lock icon next to Client Secret to show the value.
  3. Take note of the Client Id and Client Secret values.
  4. Type the following redirect URL in its corresponding field:

To authenticate on ServiceNow, you need have an account with ServiceNow and know your the following:

  • On the Authentication page,
    • Subdomain- The Subdomain link to your ServiceNow account.
    • OAuth Key- The OAuth Key for your ServiceNow account.
    • OAuth Secret- The OAuth Secret for your ServiceNow account.

Once authenticated, you can access the different functionalities offered by the ServiceNow platform.

For more information on creating connections with ServiceNow, refer to ServiceNow Product Documentation


When establishing a connection, you allow UiPath for ServiceNow to connect to your ServiceNow account on your instance and allow it to interact with records as you

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ServiceNow Authentication

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