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About the Slack connector - Preview

Slack is a team messaging platform created for effective communication across the workspace.

The Slack connector offers various collaboration tools including custom designed activities / APIs for creating private or public channels, sending messages in a channel, sending direct messages, replying to a conversation thread, sending multimedia files in a channel etc. It also offers user and access management across multiple collaboration elements.



This connector is currently in Preview.


Before automating processes, you need to establish a connection with your Slack instance.


To be able to create a connection, you need to setup:

  • a Client ID
  • a Client Secret
  • a callback URL

To do so, you have to sign in to Slack web and create a new app.

  1. Select your workspace from the top left corner.

  2. Go to Settings & administration and select Manage apps.

  3. Select Build from the top right corner.

  4. Select the Create New App button and then choose From scratch.

  5. Enter a name and a workspace for the app and then select the Create App button.

  6. The app has been created. You can see the Client ID and the Client Secret displayed under Basic Information > App Credentials.

  1. Now you need to define your app's settings. Select App Manifest from the menu on the left and make sure you have the following callback URL defined:

Now you can go ahead and create your Slack connection in Integration Service.

Find out more about creating an app from the official Slack documentation.

Add the Slack connection

To create a connection to your Slack instance, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Select Integration Service from Automation Cloud.

  2. From the Connectors list, select Slack.
    You can also use the search bar to narrow down the connector.

  3. Select the Add connection button.

  4. Configure your Slack connection as below.

    • Under Token, you need to select from the drop-down either User Token or Bot Token. User Token is selected by default.
    • Client ID - enter the Client ID of the app you just created.
    • Client Secret - enter the Client Secret of the app you just created.
    • Scope - this field is filled in by default. While developing your app, you define a minimum list of scopes that your app requires to work. When a user installs your app on their workspace, you are going to request those same scopes.
      To add some different scopes from the ones already provided, go to your Slack app > OAuth & Permissions > Scopes > Bot Token Scopes / User Token Scopes and then add here the scopes manually.
  1. Select Connect.

  2. Select Allow. With access to your Slack account, UiPath can do the following:

    • View content and info about you
    • View content and info about channels & conversations
    • View content and info about your workspace
    • Perform actions as you
    • Perform actions in channels & conversations
    • Perform actions in your workspace
  1. Your connection has been added.

Use cases

You can use the connection to enable the Slack Activities Package in UiPath Studio to build automations for user and channel management, scheduled messaging, and other ways of working together, such as:

  • sending a message in a channel
  • sending a reply to a chat
  • inviting a user to a channel
  • notifying all the users of a usergroup regarding an important update; for instance, Quarter Sales Results to the entire Sales / Marketing team group
  • uploading a media file as a Slack message in a channel
  • creating channels for different teams and users based on need / topic / goal
  • getting all the replies for a particular chat
  • removing a user from a channel
  • providing permissions / apps to all the users of a usergroup; for instance, provide Admin access to set number of users of the Admin group
  • downloading important files such as quarterly results, from a Slack message


The Slack Connector does not currently support events.

Provider documentation

The UiPath Connector is compatible with Slack Web API v2.

Learn more on the Slack documentation platform.

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About the Slack connector - Preview

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