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The UiPath Integrations Guide

Welcome to the UiPath Integrations guide. You will find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with UiPath Integrations, as well as support if you get stuck.

In order to download the solutions mentioned here please visit the official UiPath Go! Marketplace here.

*Note that only integrations built in-house at UiPath are detailed below. For a complete list of UiPath's technology partners, see here.

UiPath Resources

UiPath Platform

To download and begin using the UiPath Platform:

1) Download and install UiPath Studio & Robot: Click here to download
2) Download and install UiPath Orchestrator: You may use our shared community edition of Orchestrator at https://platform.uipath.com, which supports 2 robots per tenant.

Use the Become a Tenant button to create an account. If you would prefer a private instance of Orchestrator, contact us for a trial license.

UiPath RPA Academy

Per program requirements, you will need to create an account on UiPath Academy, and complete required training. To set up your Academy account, follow these instructions presented on the Academy page.
Begin with the following courses:

Level 1 RPA Developer Foundation – revamped (mandatory)
Level 2 Orchestrator (recommended)

UiPath Go!

UiPath Go! is an open and transparent marketplace which creates an automation ecosystem as a way for organizations to access RPA building blocks – from reusable components to machine learning models – and underscores UiPath’s ongoing commitment to democratize RPA.

Components that are published on UiPath Go! need to go through an approval process. In addition, the publisher must present evidence of their own independently performed Functional and Security testing, which is a separate process from the TAP process.

In order to become a Technology Partner on UiPath Go! please follow the instructions presented here.

Forum and Community Connect Ecosystem

Join our Connect ecosystem to learn, collaborate, and create with the world’s largest RPA community of 500,000 users. Grow your automation skills with free online training, get help in real-time in our forum, and build automations with reusable components from our marketplace.

Furthermore, we encourage you to join our forum space by signing up on https://forum.uipath.com/ with your corporate email. The UiPath forum is the place where to share your ideas, find answers to your questions, provide valuable feedback, collaborate with RPA enthusiasts and one of the channels to reach the UiPath product team.

Insider Preview Program

To learn more about the Insider Preview Program, and to register, visit the Insider Preview Program page.

Find the latest product release features highlights, developments, and roadmaps, including recorded walk-through presentations
Download link for your first build for testing ( we strongly recommend to install it in a testing environment )
Find the Insider Preview Program Terms & Conditions – this governs your participation in the Insider Preview Program
Access dedicated sections for feedback and issue reporting for the Product engineering team

Integration Support System

The Technology Alliance partners have access to integrations support via our UiPath Technology Alliance partner Help Center, where a pool of technical integration specialists can address your technical tickets.

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UiPath Resources

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