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About the HubspotMarketing connector



This connector is currently in Preview.

The Hubspot Marketing Hub is a set of tools designed to help your marketing department. It integrates seamlessly with the Hubspot CRM and works to help your marketing team draw in and nurture more qualified leads. The Hubspot Marketing Hub helps your company increase website traffic and convert more visitors into leads.

The goal of the Marketing Hub is to make life easier for your marketing department. It offers seamless content creation for your blog, email, social media accounts, and website, and provides metric tracking and reporting of all the data you care about most.


Before automating processes, you will need to establish a connection with your Hubspot Marketing instance. Step-by-step instructions on how to do that are available in our Authentication guide.

You can use the connection to enable the Hubspot Marketing Activities in Studio to build automations for tasks like social media and content creation, email campaign management, and analytics and data reporting.


The Hubspot Marketing Connector does not currently support events.

Provider documentation

The UiPath Connector is compatible with Hubspot REST API v1, v2 and v3. Learn more at the Hubspot documentation platform.

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About the HubspotMarketing connector

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