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Dropbox Business Authentication

To create a connection to your Dropbox Business instance, you will have to provide your login credentials. After clicking the Add Connection button, you will be redirected to the Dropbox website.

Click the Continue button if you are asked to confirm whether you want to establish a connection. If necessary, grant the app all the necessary permissions by clicking the Allow button.

Finally, provide the following login credentials:

  • The Email associated with your account
  • The Password associated with your account


  • Edit content of your Dropbox files and folders, view content of your Dropbox files and folders, and view and edit information about your Dropbox files and folders
  • View and manage your Dropbox file requests, Dropbox sharing settings and collaborators, and manually added Dropbox contacts
  • View and edit basic information about your Dropbox account such as your profile photo

Updated 7 months ago

Dropbox Business Authentication

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