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DocuSign authentication

When establishing a connection using the DocuSign connector, you can first input an Account ID. This step is optional, and you can simply click Connect to move to the next step.



If the Account ID field is left empty, the default Account ID associated with the authenticated user’s DocuSign account automatically used for all the DocuSign activities. On the top right hand corner of your DocuSign application’s home page, click on the user icon and you can view the default account number (not to be mistook for Account ID) and default account name.

To find your default DocuSign Account ID:

  1. Log in to your DocuSign account.
  2. Click on the Settings tab on the top of the screen.
  3. On the left panel, under Integrations, click on Apps and Keys.
  4. The API Account ID displayed here is your default Account ID.



Only DocuSign production accounts can be used for logging in with the DocuSign connector. DocuSign demo or developer accounts cannot be used.

After clicking the Connect button, you will be redirected to the DocuSign website, where you need to login using your standard DocuSign credentials:

  • The Email associated with your account.
  • The Password to your account.


The default permissions enabled in the DocuSign account you connect with are also used in the connector. Please visit DocuSign Support Center for the available permissions, or contact your administrator.

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DocuSign authentication

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