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BambooHR authentication

To authenticate with Bamboo HR you must fill in the following details:

  • The subdomain used to access your account.



Example: if you access BambooHR at, then the subdomain is mycompany.

  • The API key.
    • To generate an API key, log in to Bamboo HR and click the Account button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.
    • Select the API Keys option in that menu to go to the page. Each user may have one or more secret API keys that identify that user to the API.
    • Click Add New Key. Choose a name and click Generate Key.
    • The key will then be displayed and you can use it to create a connection with UiPath.

The above steps were originally documented on the BambooHR website on November 29, 2021. For updated information and more details regarding BambooHR visit the BambooHR documentation website.

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BambooHR authentication

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