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Epic FHIR R4 authentication


To be able to create a connection, you need to have a Epic FHIR R4 account with the following credentials:

  • a Base URL associated with your account
  • a Usernameassociated with your account
  • a Password to your account

Add the Epic FHIR R4 connection

To create a connection to your Epic FHIR R4 instance, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Select Integration Service from Automation Cloud.

  2. From the Connectors list, select Epic FHIR R4.
    You can also use the search bar to narrow down the connector.

  3. Select the Add connection button.

  4. You are redirected to the login page where you must provide your base URL, your username and your password.

  5. Select Authorize app. With access to your Epic FHIR R4 account, UiPath for Epic FHIR R4 can do the following:

  • Get Records
  • Insert Records
  • List all Records
  1. Your connection has been added.

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Epic FHIR R4 authentication

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