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Last updated Nov 16, 2023

Release notes

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Release date: 2 November 2023

Note: This version of the activity package can be used with UiPath Studio versions 2023.10 and newer. If used with older Studio Desktop versions, some functionalities might be missing or unexpected behaviors may occur.

Bug fixes

Fixed a minor issue in the Get Newest Email activity.


Release date: 30 October 2023

Note: This version of the activity package can be used with UiPath Studio versions 2023.10 and newer. If used with older Studio Desktop versions, some functionalities might be missing or unexpected behaviors may occur.

New features and improvements

For SharePoint Lists you can now manage Person lookup fields by a component of the reference value. In the Person type field, you can also add Person's email as string input.

New activities

This release introduces two new Excel Online activities: Delete Rows and Delete Column.

New Excel Online triggers

We are also expanding our trigger capabilities with three new Excel Online triggers: Cell in Worksheet Updated, Worksheet Created, and Row Added to the Bottom of a Table.


Release date: 26 September 2023

The improved activities included in the latest release set the foundation stone for core automation use cases in Studio Web and Cross-platform. Continue reading to learn what's new in this release and how you can benefit from the most recent features.

Note: This version of the activity package can be used with UiPath Studio versions 2023.10 and newer. If used with older Studio Desktop versions, some functionalities might be missing or unexpected behaviors may occur.

General improvements

The folder picker in the Get File/Folder activity includes a new option: Relative path. You can now manage folders better by iterating through them and referencing parent folders and file/folders through relative paths. By doing this, you can dynamically parse recursively from the file to the parent’s parent folder and the whole folder hierarchy until the root.

All the Files and Excel activities include new options in the folder picker for specific fields: Enter ID and Enter URL.

The activity package supports the latest connection features for the Microsoft Outlook 365 and OneDrive connectors, which allow using Azure for Government.

We also restructured the hierarchy in the Browser widget for calendars, email folders, and OneDrive and SharePoint folders.

Activity caching

Sharing information between activities is important to achieve faster loading times. With this in mind, some caching improvements were introduced in this release.

Connection caching is also available. When you change the connection in an activity, the other activities in the workflow are reloaded with the new connection.

Activities which use calendars, email folders, and folders include a Reload browser option, which allows you to retrieve the latest data if you've performed any changes in your folders. For example, this option is available in For Each Event, Get File/Folder, Read Range, or Get Newest Email.

The Excel Online activities include two options that enhance caching: Update ranges and Update sheets. They allow you to retrieve the latest data from your spreadsheets without reselecting a file. You can find Update ranges, for example, in the For Each Row in Spreadsheet, Read Cell, and Write Cell activities; and Update sheets in Rename Sheets or Delete Sheets.

A new option in SharePoint activities – Update List Columns – allows you to retrieve the latest data if you've performed any changes to your lists.

Excel Online activities

Two new Excel Online activities are available: Write Row and Write Column. You can manage entire rows and columns and manipulate cells within with Append, Insert, or Overwrite options.

Excel Online activities introduce a new dimension of worksheets control using A1 Notation metadata and the new activities. Excel activities now offer metadata about the worksheet they are working on to give more control and enable complex scenarios for business users. Until now, users had to make additional auxiliary calculations to store a range of metadata and to know where the robot acts at any moment in Excel Online. With the metadata now exposed and the new activities, we reduced the redundant auxiliary logic a business user must apply to automate an Excel file. This also reduces the barrier for more complex scenarios where the range doesn’t start from A1.

The Range information output field is available in the Read range activity. This field can be a complex object or a string, and it exposes information such as FullRangeAddress, RangeAddress, StartCell, EndCell etc.

The following additional worksheet metadata is now exposed: WorksheetsRowIndex – the worksheet row value in the context of the specified Range; [Column Name] Address – the A1 notation address of the specified cell; [Column Name] Column Address – the A1 notation of the column of the specified cell; and Range information.

The Remove empty rows or columns field was renamed to Delete behavior.

We improved the validation message that indicates where the duplicate or empty columns are located.

The Has Headers option in For Each Row in Workbook is now set to True by default.

You can use the Write Range activity to insert a new row using the Append option.

We also added some improvements to dynamic datatables: the Column Names are now available in a Description property.

SharePoint List activities

New filtering options are available. You can filter items by IDs or by empty columns (e.g., to retrieve items which don't have a Salesforce ID).


For a comprehensive integration with SharePoint List, we added two new triggers: List Item Added and List Item Updated. The activity package now includes five SharePoint List activities and two triggers, allowing you to perform all the basic actions (Add, Get, Update, and Delete) on all the items.

The OneDrive File Created and File Updated triggers now support Groups and SharePoint libraries.

Bug fixes

  • Complex field types (PersonOrGroup data type) were erased when updating any other list item fields in a SharePoint list.
  • When using Use OneDrive & SharePoint activity with the Use Integration Service option, only connections in the personal workspace were visible. Folders support is now available, so connections from other folders are displayed.
  • The Get Email List activity failed when using a shared mailbox and running the process from Orchestrator through an unattended robot.
  • The Get Mail activity failed when the email subject included a line break.

Known issues

SharePoint List activities can't be used in long-running workflows before pausing. You must fetch the items again after resuming the job.


Release Date: 24 July 2023

Bug fixes

  • When using the Get Mail activity for emails that include inline images, the images were saved as external attachments instead of embedded in the email body.
  • Fixed an issue which caused File activities to throw an error when using Application authentication type, despite performing the action successfully.


Release date: 23 June 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Delete Range activity to fail when setting a custom Range value using the Expression editor.


Release Date: 20 June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • This release includes additional minor bug fixes.


Release Date: 16 June 2023

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes.


Release Date: 12 June 2023

New Features and Improvements

The Total number of items processed output property in the cross-platform For Each activities has been renamed. Instead of "items", the property now includes the object name. For example, in the For Each Event activity, the output property is now Total number of events processed. This property can also be used inside the For Each to count the total number of items processed. It iterates through items and is incremented by 1 at the end of each iteration.

The cross-platform and trigger activities now include support for Shared with me, SharePoint, and Groups folders.

Range caching is available for the Excel activities, making it easier to share information between activities using the same connection and workbook. Caching is also available within each activity, with information stored in memory. When you select a workbook, the Range field is prepopulated. If you select the same workbook in another activity, the ranges load from the cache memory. An Update Ranges option is available for the Range field, in case you perform any changes in the selected workbook ranges metadata (such as Range names, Sheets names, or Table names). This feature impacts the following activities: For Each Row in Workbook, Read range, Write range, Write cell, Read Cell.

O365DriveRemoteItem variables now expose a ParentUri property, representing an item's parent folder. The ParentUri property can be used downstream in other activities to add items to a specific parent folder. This feature is not currently supported for personal account users.

A Job Data output property is available in all the trigger activities. It contains the job info, such as Process name, Process version, Workflow name, Robot name, and mode of execution.

Several Files activities now include a If file/folder already exists property.

The Get File List activity was renamed to Get File/Folder List.

New activities

A Get Event List activity is now available.

SharePoint List activities

A new category of activities is now available: SharePoint List. It includes the following activities: Get List Items, Add List Item, Delete List Items, Get Single List Item, Update Single List Item.

New trigger activities

Three new trigger activities are available: Calendar Event Replied, Calendar Event Updated, File Updated.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in the For Each Event activity, which didn't expose the output list of events.

Fixed a bug which caused the Read Cell and Write Cell activities to throw an error when a NamedRange was used. The Cell property was interpreted as being required instead of optional.

Fixed an issue which caused the ApplicationIDandSecret authentication to fail because permissions and scopes were requested for instead of


Release Date: 27 March 2023

New Features and Improvements

A Number of items processed output property is now available in the cross-platform For Each activities.

The Filter by file names (e.g. .xlsx or .xlsx|*.docx) input property in the Download email attachments activity has been renamed to Filter by filename.

The For Each Event activity now includes filtering capabilities.

The How to write property in the Write Range activity includes a new Append option: Append Right.

For the Read Range and For Each Row in Workbook activities, we now expose columns as headers when named headers are not available.

We also implemented a new behavior in activities to reduce validation errors. Switching the input type doesn't clear the value from the previous input mode. The information is instead stored in a back-up slot and restored if the input mode changes. This way, no validation errors appear when switching between input modes.

New activities

Two new activities are included in this release:

Trigger activities

The trigger activities were renamed for this release, as follows:

Improvements for Excel activities

We've improved performance for the Write Cell activity. When used inside a For Each Row in Workbook activity, Write Cell writes in-memory, to improve speed and prevent API quota limits.

The For Each Row in Workbook activity also has a new error handling mechanism, for writing the data already stored in-memory when an error is thrown.


Release Date: 2 March 2023

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes.


Release date: 28 February 2023


We've reorganized the activities in Studio. The classic activities (which are Windows-Legacy and Windows compatible) are available under the Integrations > Microsoft > Office 365 - Classic category.

The newer activities (which are Windows and Cross-platform compatible) are available under Integrations > Microsoft > Office 365. These activities have improved UX and functionalities and they require using Integration Service for establishing connections. For non-Integration Service connections, use the Classic activities.


Release date: 25 January 2023

New Features and Improvements

New activities

This release brings many new activities for Cross-platform and Windows projects. They include a renewed Designer panel, which provides an improved experience compared to the existing activities that are available in Windows and Windows — Legacy projects.

These activities are available for the following Microsoft 365 categories:

These new activities use Integration Service connections. For a full list of activities and an overview on how to use them, see the Activities page.

Trigger activities

The following trigger activities are now available:

For more information, see Trigger activities.


The Move File/Folder activity was enhanced to call three Graph APIs, to support different permissions for moving items across drives.

We've exposed a new method — GetSizeInBytes() — that allows you to retrieve file size for locally downloaded files.

Known Issues

  • Microsoft is deprecating Basic Auth for Exchange online. Some of our activities are impacted by this change, such as Microsoft Office365 Scope. We recommend using the OAuth protocol in the activities that support it.

Bug Fixes

  • The Send Mail activity was throwing an error when more than 30 files were being attached to the email.
  • An authentication error was thrown when using the Send Mail even when the Account property was configured.


Release date: 9 May 2022

New Features and Improvements


  • The Office365 activities pack has been updated to use Microsoft Graph API version 4.11.0.
  • A new contextual menu is available for InArgument<String> properties used within the For Each File/Folder activity. For example, you can use the Write Line activity inside the For Each File/Folder activity to be able to access the following properties: Name, Web Url, Creation date, and Last modified date.
  • A new parameter is available for the For Each File/Folder activity, named Include Subfolders, allowing you to specify whether to expand the search to include all subfolders of the selected cloud location.
  • The For Each File/Folder activity can now be used with personal Microsoft accounts and with ApplicationIdAndSecret and ApplicationIdAndCertificate authentication types (when used inside Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity) if the Use simple search option is checked.
  • A new activity is now available under the name of Delete Sheet.
  • The Search Events activity received a new parameter, called Event ID.
  • The Get Mail activity received a new parameter, called Email ID.
  • The Use OneDrive & SharePoint activity now allows you to use multiple connections by accessing the UiPath Orchestrator through Integration Services. The Default option has been replaced by the connection name.
  • The Download as file field label has been changed to Download location in the Download File activity.

    Note: Studio v21.10 or later is required for this version of the Microsoft Office 365 Activities Packages to work correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • A performance issue was resolved for IntegratedWindowsAuthentication and UsernameAndPassword authentication types, and now the authentication calls are not duplicated anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error when trying to access mail from a folder in a shared mailbox. Now, everything works as expected.


Release date: 27 October 2021


Release Date: 28 June 2021

New Activites


Added a new activity, For Each File/Folder, that allows you to iterate through files and folders, specifying, for example, the maximum number of items to return. This activity offers more filtering capabilities (KQL) than the Find Files and Folders activity, so to define different filtering expressions it is recommended to use this activity rather than Find Files and Folders.

Another newly added activity, Share Item, allows you to share a file or a folder with colleagues, within the organization or outside the organization.


Extended the existing Excel Online activities list with Tables activities (Create Table, Get Table Range, Insert Column, Delete Column, Insert Rows, Delete Rows).

A few new Range activities were introduced (Clear Range, Copy Range, Set Range Color, VLookup Range), allowing you to clear a range, copy a range, set a range color and process a VLookup range that calls the VLookup function.

SharePoint Lists

Starting with version 1.9.0, a completely new category of activities can be found in the Microsoft Office 365 Activities Package, namely SharePoint Lists, which contains two types of activities:

Lists (For Each List, Get List Info) which allows you to return all the lists in a specific SharePoint site or to return detailed information about a specific list

List Items (For Each List Item, Add List Item, Delete List Item, Update List Item) which allow you to return the list items in a list with filtering capabilities, to add and delete list items and to update a list item

New Features and Improvements

Microsoft Office 365 Scope

National clouds support. So far, we supported only global tenants but now you can have tenants running on USGoverment, Germany, or China national clouds.

We introduced an additional type of authentication, Application Id & Certificate (Unattended), which allows you to authenticate for unattended scenarios.


We improved the Send Mail activity with the possibility to specify a list of email addresses to reply to and also to set the importance of an email.

For the Get Mail activity, the InternetMessageID field, which is a unique identifier of the mail message, is now being returned.


Support for SharePoint sites that contain /teams/ in the URL. So far, we supported only SharePoint sites that contained /sites/ in the URL.

The Upload File activity allows you, in addition to just uploading the file, to specify metadata or properties for that file. Also, when uploading a file and there is already a file with the same name in the location you selected, you have three possibilities to choose from: either to replace the file, to generate a unique name so it gets uploaded, or you have the option to fail the operation.

The same conflict behavior capability as for the Upload File activity was introduced for the Create Workbook activity as well.

Speed improvement for the Get Group activity for tenants that have a large number of groups.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a timeout error for the Get Mail activity that occurred when returning a large number of emails.
  • Fixed a bug for the RSVP activity that triggered a workflow validation error when the Comment property is empty and the Email Organizer property is unchecked.
  • Fixed a bug for the Read Column activity in which Cell Address appeared in the activity designer instead of Starting Cell.
  • Localized F1 links in Studio for all Microsoft Office 365 activities.


Release Date: 21 December 2020

New Features and Improvements

New activities were added: Delete Mail and Set Mail Categories.

Calendar activities got a new parameter, Account. Now they can be used with ApplicationIdAndSecret authentication type.

Added support in Send Mail and Add Attachment activities for attachments larger than 4 MB.

Tenant parameter of Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity is mandatory for ApplicationIdAndSecret authentication type.

RVSP activity warns the user to select the option Email Organizer if a value for Comment field was provided.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity that prevented the usage of IntegratedWindowsAuthentication authentication type.
  • Fixed issue Access token has expired in Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity, occurring for long-running processes.
  • Fixed an Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error in Copy Item activity.


Release Date: 26 October 2020

New Features and Improvements

Added support for SecureString type input to Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity. The new parameters accepting SecureString type input are SecurePassword and SecureApplicationSecret.

Added UiPath Application for InteractiveToken authentication. When this option is selected, no Application ID shall be set.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Object reference not set to the instance of an object error occurring in Read Cell, Write Range and Write Cell Excel activities when the Excel file is being shared with a user.
  • Fixed an issue in Get Mail activity when the email body contains inline images. Now inline images can be saved using Save Attachments activity even if the email has no attachments.


Release Date: 21 September 2020

New Features and Improvements

Added support for Application (client) ID and Application (client) Secret authentication in Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity.

Set UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365/version value for User Agent String which is required to setup Enforce Allow List. Current value is UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365/

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue occurring when reading an Excel file that is shared with a user.
  • Fixed an exception in Get Mail activity occurring when an email address in CC list is no longer active. The activity does not fail anymore in such cases, but it logs the details about the problematic email addresses.
  • Fixed a bug in Get Mail activity which could not retrieve *.msg attachments.
  • Fixed a Microsoft Graph dependency conflict between UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities and UiPath.AzureActiveDirectory.Activities activities packs.


Release Date: 17 August 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a package conflict caused by different Microsoft.Identity.Client versions.


Release Date: 19 May 2020

New Features and Improvements

Added Microsoft Planner and Groups activities.

Added support for subfolders in the Get Mail activity.


Release Date: 7 Nov 2019

New Features and Improvements

Added support for shared mailboxes in all Outlook activities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that broke the binding on Event fields in the Calendar activities .


Release Date: 28 Oct 2019

New Features and Improvements

With this release, the Microsoft Office 365 Activities Package now has official enterprise support.

This release also introduces a new From property in the Send Mail activity so that you can now send mail from other email addresses or aliases.


Release Date: 22 July 2019

New Features and Improvements

The first official release of the Microsoft Office 365 Activities Package, this package introduces Calendar support, full localization, and adds three new Excel activities:

With the Calendar activities, you can now manage your calendar events, including create new events, retrieve events from a specific calendar, and update existing events.


Release Date: 21 June 2019

New Features and Improvements

This release introduces support for all types of Sharepoint sites (including private and shared), as well as, sites that include spaces in their name.

Breaking Change

  • The SiteName property in the Find Files and Folders and Get Item activities was changed to SiteURL. Because this is a breaking change, you must update any existing projects to this version.


Release Date: 25 April 2019

New Features and Improvements

The first beta integration with Microsoft Office 365. This release includes Files (OneDrive), Excel, and Outlook activities.

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