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Last updated Dec 6, 2023

About the Presentations Activities Package

The Presentations Activities Package helps you automate tasks you perform in presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

It is important to note that all the activities under the App Integration category can only be used within Use PowerPoint Presentation, while the others in the System category can be used without it.

Another important piece of information is that the activities in the first category open the PowerPoint application while processing the given details, while the latter does the execution in the background.


The UiPath.Presentations.Activities pack is compatible with the following Microsoft PowerPoint versions:

  • 2013
  • 2016
  • 2019
  • Office 365

Indicate the presentation to work with by adding it to a Use PowerPoint Presentation activity, and then add activities inside it to automate adding text, media, and files, replacing content, executing macros, or saving the file with a different name or format.

When you configure PowerPoint activities, you can browse the contents of the file and select PowerPoint data that matches the type of a property, such as slides, shapes, and layouts directly from the Plus menu of each property. In the Studio profile, this functionality is available starting with Studio v2021.10 and UiPath.Presentations.Activities v1.2.0.

If the file you want to automate does not exist yet, you can still use the options in the Plus menu by defining a file with the same structure as a template in the Use PowerPoint Presentation activity.

You can also indicate layouts, placeholders (shapes), slide masters, and macros using their name, and indicate slides using their number. To find out the name of the shapes in a presentation, in PowerPoint go to Home > Arrange > Selection Pane.

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