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Last updated Feb 16, 2024



Use the following lists to view all the cross-platform activities included in the Google Workspace activity package, under each category:

These activities are also available in Studio Windows projects.

Note: These activities use Integration Service connections.

Using cross-platform activities

The activities in the cross-platform category are designed for cross-platform projects in Studio Web and Studio Desktop.

Connect to your Google Workspace account

When you add an activity that interacts with an online application using an Integration Service connector, you must select the connection for the account to use in that activity. The ConnectionId configuration field sets the connection for the Google Workspace account that is used in each Google Workspace cross-platform activity.

Google Workspace activities use the following connectors:

Depending on whether or not connections are already set up in the Integration Service for the connector, one of the following may occur:

  • No connection exists - You are prompted to add a connection in the activity. From the connection drop-down, select Add new connection to start the authentication process and enable the required permissions. For more information, see the Integration Service documentation for the connector you want to use.
  • Connections already exist - Select a connection from the connection drop-down in the activity. The connection that is set as default is automatically selected. To add a new connection, select Add new connection from the drop-down.
  • A connection is selected but is invalid - If a connection is selected, but no additional properties are available in the activity, this indicates the connection is broken. From the connection drop-down, select Manage connections to go to the Integration Service and fix the connection.
Iterate through items with For Each activities

The For Each File/Folder, and For Each Email activities execute an activity or a series of activities for each file, folder, or email in a specified Google Drive location.

Add the activities to repeat inside the Body section of the For Each activity and, when you configure these activities, indicate that you want to process each item in the iteration by selecting the current item variable for that item:

  • CurrentItem in the body of For Each File/Folder.
  • CurrentEmail in the body of For Each Email.
Select the item to use in an activity

To indicate a specific file file, folder, or folder calendar to use in an activity:

  1. Click the field with the Browse button to navigate to the root folder.
  2. Double-click to open the Google Drive parent folder and navigate to the specific item.
  3. Select the item and click Save.
Calendar activities

Set start and end dates and times

Activities such as Create Event let you choose the start and end date and time of that particular event. To set a start or end date and time, click the calendar icon next to the field to open the calendar widget and select the date and time. Alternatively, click the Plus button menu to use a variable. In Studio Web, you can also use one of the predefined snippets (Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, StartOfNextWeek, StartOfNextMonth, Now).

Google Sheets activities

The Google Workspace cross-platform activities provide methods to create, extract, and insert data into Google Sheets, such as cells, ranges, and sheets.

Range types

Activities such as Read Range, Write Range, or For Each Row in Spreadsheet allow you use data from a specified range of cells in a spreadsheet.

There are several types of ranges that you can use: Range (named ranges whose scope is limited to a given spreadsheet), Sheet (entire sheets), or Default (which includes all the previous types and allows you to manually enter a custom range, e.g., Sheet1!A1:B6).

Indicate a folder or file

To indicate a specific folder or file to use in an activity, click the folder icon inside the fields that support it to navigate through your Google Drive files and folders.

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