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Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Excel how-to guides

This page includes guides and resources that can help you learn how to create automations using the activities in this package.


Step-by-step guides on how to create automations from scratch. Each tutorial includes a project that you can download and open in UiPath Studio.

Tutorial Description Activities
Creating a Pivot Table Add an Excel file to an automation and how to create a pivot table. Modern Activities
Iterating through Rows in a Table Repeat a set of activities for each row in an Excel file and configure your project to execute certain activities only when a specific condition is met. Modern Activities
Comparing Excel Files and Emailing Reconciliation Errors Reconcile two files and, when data does not match, send an email with details about the errors that were found. Modern Activities
Filtering Data in Excel Filter data in Excel, copy the filtered data to a CSV file, and email the CSV file. Modern Activities
Formatting Cells Format cells in Excel. Modern Activities
Adding Information about the Files in a Folder to an Excel File Iterate through the files in a folder, retrieve their properties, and add this information to an Excel file. Modern Activities
Extracting Table Data from a Web Page and Editing It in Excel Extract structured data from a web page and format it the way you want with Excel activities. Modern Activities
Manage CSV Files Read a .csv file and append data from one .csv file to another .csv file. Classic Activities
Filter CSV Files Read a .csv file, write in .csv files and append data from one .csv file to another .csv file. Classic Activities
Verify CSV Files Identify a value and appoint a status to it, analyze the data from one .csv file, process it and store it in another .csv file. Classic Activities
Compare CSV Files Create two new .csv files that store the similarities and the differences between two existing .csv files. Classic Activities
Table Functions Maximize the use of tables when creating an automation process. Classic Activities
Manage Multiple Excel Files Create a single report file from multiple report files that have the same structure. Classic Activities
Interpret Excel Results Analyze the results from an Excel file and rearrange them in the correct order. Classic Activities
Manage Pivot Tables Create and refresh a pivot table. Classic Activities
Manage Range Selection Select a range of rows and columns from an Excel file and inform the user about the selected range. Classic Activities
Read From Excel Files Read information from a row or a column Classic Activities
Manage Databases in Excel Read a database, create a new database and filter it based on the results. Classic Activities
Compare Numeric Values Compare the numeric values from two different columns of an Excel file. Classic Activities
Sort Data in Excel Files Process an Excel table to display the data in ascending order without duplicates. Classic Activities
Filter and Delete Rows in Excel Files Delete unwanted rows from an Excel file and filter the information by applying specific criteria. Classic Activities
Manipulate Range Selections Copy an entire sheet from one workbook to another and alter its content by deleting a range of rows. Classic Activities
Verify Excel Workbook Data Analyze and verify stock, and inform the user about restocking needs Classic Activities
Read, Write, and Append Data in Excel Copy ranges from a workbook, paste, and append them to another workbook. Workbook Activities
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