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Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Word how-to guides

This page includes guides and resources that can help you learn how to create automations using the activities in this package.


Step-by-step guides on how to create automations from scratch. Each tutorial includes a project that you can download and open in UiPath Studio.

Tutorial Description Activities
Working with Word Automation Create multiple Word documents from a template file and populate them with data from different sources. Word Application Scope / Use Word File, Insert DataTable in Document, Replace Text in Document, Save Document As.
Manipulate Word Documents Read the text from a Word file, write it into another document, add a picture, and convert it from Word to PDF. Word Application Scope / Use Word File,Read Text, Append Text, Add Picture, Save Document as PDF.
Manage Word Documents Read the text from a file, display it in a message box, append and replace text without even opening Microsoft Word. System Activities
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