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Last updated Feb 16, 2024

Classic activities

Google Calendar

The following Google Calendar activities provide methods to create new calendar events, retrieve events from a specific calendar, and update existing calendar events.

Google Drive

The following Google Drive activities provide methods to automate your interactions with Google Drive items, including finding and moving files, creating new folders, and managing file permissions.

Google Gmail

The following Google Gmail activities provide methods to retrieve and send emails.

Google Docs

The following Google Docs activities provide methods to create new documents, and index, insert or replace document text.

Google AppsScript

The following Google AppsScript activities provide methods to create, deploy, and run script projects.

Use of the software developed and provided by UiPath in connection with any Google software is subject to the UiPath Open Platform Activity License Agreement. Google software and services used in conjunction with the UiPath software may be accessed and used in accordance with Google Terms and any other applicable agreements, policies, or guidelines as made available by Google.

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