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Last updated Feb 16, 2024

For Each List Item



Iterates through the items of a SharePoint list.


This activity requires the following scopes:

  • Sites.Read.All

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint connection - The connection for the Microsoft 365 account to use in the activity.
  • SharePoint list - Browse through SharePoint sites you follow and choose the SharePoint list to use for this activity. Click the Folder icon to browse available lists or use the Plus button menu to switch to Enter Url input mode.

    • Select the Update List Columns option if you've modified your lists and need to retrieve the latest data.

  • Filter - Filter the items retrieved based on available SharePoint List columns.
  • Columns to retrieve - Select which columns to retrieve from the SharePoint list.


  • Number of items processed - Total number of items processed. This variable can be used outside the For each list item activity.

Batching API calls is supported for the following activities when used inside the For each:


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  • Project compatibility
  • Configuration
  • Example
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