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Last updated Jul 9, 2024

Move IBM Notes Mail Message


Note: IBM Mail Activities can only use the current active IBM Notes account on the machine that is running the automation process.

Moves a IBM Notes mail message to a specified folder.

  • This activity only works with IBM Notes v9.0.1 or above.
  • This activity is not available in projects that use .NET 5.


  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.
  • FromFolder - The mail folder where the message can be found. If this field is left empty, the message is only copied, and not deleted from the initial folder.
  • MailFolder - The mail folder to which the messages are to be moved.
  • MailMessage - The MailMessage object to be moved. This field supports only MailMessage variables.
  • Password - The password of the IBM Notes account used to move the message.
  • SecurePassword - The password of the IBM Notes account used, as a secure string.
  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.
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