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Last updated Jul 9, 2024

Quickstart - Get and Move

The purpose of this guide is to help you create a working sample that uses different Microsoft 365 activities, including the Get Mail and Move Mail activities.


Before you begin:

  1. Complete the Microsoft 365 Setup steps.
  2. Send a new or use an existing email in one of your Outlook mailboxes that you can move to a different folder. In this example, we use the email sent during the Create, Upload, Get, and Send Quickstart guide.


Build your project
  1. Add the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity to your project.
  2. Enter the ApplicationId for your registered application (for more information, see the Setup guide).
  3. From the AuthenticationType drop-down list, select the option that's applicable to your registered app.
  4. From the Services drop-down list, select Mail (you can select the other services as well).
  5. Add the Get Mail activity after the Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity.
  6. Enter a MailFolder as it appears in your Outlook application (e..g, "Inbox").
  7. Enter a Query using OData query parameter (e.g., "subject eq 'Link to OneDrive File'")

    • If you want to create the folder in your root directory (like we do in this example), leave this property empty.
  8. Create and enter a Office365Message[] variable for your Result value (e.g., foundInboxMails).
    • When creating your variable, select Microsoft.Office365Models.Office365Message as the variable type.
  9. Click run and verify the mail was moved from your inbox to your deleted items in your Outlook application.

When you're ready, try the other Quickstart guides to get more familiar with the different Microsoft 365 activities.

How it works

After completing the steps in this guide, you'll have an automation sequence that does the following:

  1. Establishes a connection to your registered Microsoft 365 application (Microsoft Office 365 Scope).
  2. Searches for and returns emails that match your search query (Get Mail).
  3. Moves the retrieved email to a different folder (Move Mail).

  • Prerequisites
  • Steps
  • How it works

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