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Last updated Jul 9, 2024

Gmail activities



Executes an automation workflow when an email is sent.

Executes an automation workflow when a new email arrives.

Archives a specified email message.

Deletes a specified email message.

Saves a specified email to your computer.

Downloads the specified email attachments to a local folder.

Executes one or more activities for each email in a specified folder.

Forwards an email from the specified email account.

Retrieves the email with the specified ID.

Retrieves the newest email from the specified mail folder.

Changes the status of an email to read or unread.

The email to be moved.

Replies to the specified email.

Sends an email from the specified email account.

Retrieve a list of emails from the specified folder that matches the filter criteria.
Apply Gmail Labels

Applies one or multiple labels to a Google mail message.

Remove Gmail Labels

Removes one or multiple labels from a Google mail message.

Turn On Automatic Replies

Activates and configures the Send automatic replies feature to notify others that you are out of office. If the Out of Office is already turned on and the activity also turns it on, it updates the Out of Office settings.

Turn Off Automatic Replies

Turns off the automatic replies (Out of Office) setting.

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