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Last updated Nov 16, 2023

Notify me on Slack when an email is received in Gmail

Summary: When an email is received in Gmail, notify me through a message in Slack.

Applications: Gmail, Slack


This example explains how to create a workflow that automatically send you a notification on Slack when a new email arrives in your Gmail.

This example uses a Google Workspace trigger activity, Email Received, and a Slack activity, Send message to user.


Note: A Studio Web template is available for this use case.
  1. Open Studio Web and create a new project.
  2. For How to start the automation select Event based, then select the Google Workspace Email Received
  3. In the trigger activity:
    1. Set up your Gmail connection.
    2. Choose your Email folder.
    3. Set up any additional filters. For example, you can choose to filter only for emails with a certain subject or from a specific sender.
    4. Set up additional options, if needed.

  4. Next, add a Slack Send message to user activity.
    1. Start by setting up your Slack connection.
    1. Next, select the Slack User to send a message to. To receive a message yourself, select USLACKBOT. from the dropdown list.
    2. Configure the Message field. For example, you can add the following text: New email received from ReceivedEmail.From.DisplayName about RecievedEmail.Subject. To use variables, select the output variable of the trigger activity and drill down to its From.DisplayName and Subject properties.

  5. You're done and ready to run your project!
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