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Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Notify me by email when a new file is created

Summary: When a file is added to a Google Drive folder, notify me by email and send me a link to the file.

Applications: Google Drive, Gmail


This example explains how to create a workflow that automatically notifies you by email when a new file is created in Google Drive and sends you a link to the file.

This example includes Google Workspace activities such as File Created and Send Email.


  1. Open Studio Web and create a new project.
  2. For How to start the automation select Event based, then select the Google Workspace File Created trigger activity.
  3. In the trigger activity:
    1. Set up your Google Drive connection.
    2. Set the In Location field. For example, select one of your Google Drive folders and set additional filters, if needed.

  4. Before adding the next activity, open Data Manager and create a new variable to store your email address.
  5. Add a Send Email activity and configure it as follows:
    1. In the To field, add the MyEmail variable.
    2. In the Subject field, add, for example, the following text: New file added: + CreatedFile.FullName.
    3. In the Body of the email, add a message that suits your needs. Additionally, you can add the CreatedFile.Uri variable.

  6. You're done and ready to run your project!
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