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Last updated 2024年4月16日

Importing your ideas

You can import your ideas using two different methods depending on your needs.

Using Import Pipeline

  • It's useful for a one time import only.
  • When you have ideas or want to update them with details applicable to: Overview Assessment and High Level Assessment.

Check the Import Your Pipeline page to find out more.

Using OpenAPI

  • It's useful when you are importing ideas on a regular basis.
  • When you want to update ideas with details applicable to: Detailed Assessment, Citizen Delevoper Assessment, Change Request Assessment, Execution Assessment or Miscellaneous Assessment.

Submit an idea in Automation Hub via the Open API

Submiting an idea in Automation Hub using two endpoints.

  1. Use the Get Idea Schema Endpoint.
    • This one brings all the data about the fields from your assessment.

    • You can tell it what assessment you want in the sourceType parameter.

    • At the end of the API response, look for the user_inputs section.

    • This section will provide you the exact structure you need for the Submit Idea API call.

  2. Use the Post Idea From Schema Endpoint.
    • This one has two main sections: user_inputs and source_type.

    • For user_inputs , use the exact same structure you got from the previous call.
    • It contains sample data, so make sure to update it with the data you need to submit.

    • For the source_type, just use what you used as a source type in the initial call (COE, CD, etc).

    Click the Send button and the idea is now created.

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