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Adobe PDF Services Authentication


To authenticate using Adobe PDF Services, you must provide the following credentials:

  • Client Id
  • Client Secret
  • Technical Account Id
  • Organization Id
  • Private Key

To retrieve the required credentials, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a project in your Adobe Developer Console.
  2. In the Get started with your new project page, click the Add API button.
  3. Select PDF Services API from the list, then click Next.
  4. The Create a new service account (JWT) credential page opens. Here, you can select one of two options:
    • Generate a key pair
    • Upload your public key
  5. Select Generate a key pair, then click Generate keypair.
  6. A config zip file containing the private key is automatically downloaded on your machine.
  7. In the Create a new service account (JWT) credential page, your public key is displayed.
  1. Click Next.
  2. In the Select product profiles window, select Enterprise PDF Services Developer, then click Save configured API.
  3. On your project page, under the Credentials tab, select Service Account JWT to access all your required credentials: Client Id, Client Secret, Technical Account Id, and Organization Id. Retrieve the private key from the config file downloaded on your machine.

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Adobe PDF Services Authentication

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