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Root privileges requirements

This page describes the root permissions you need to install Automation Suite.

You need root privileges (sudo su) to deploy Automation Suite. The following sections describe the specific components that require root access and why they require it.

Nodes configuration

The following components require root access to configure the machines to install Automation Suite. This is required because the default partitioning structure on RHEL machines is not suitable for installing Kubernetes. All of these components are required on all nodes.

ComponentWhy is root required to execute?
partedRequired to update the partition structure.
pvresizeRequired to resize physical volume.
lvextendRequired to extend logical volume.
xfs_growfsRequired to expand an XFS filesystem.
mkfs.ext4Required to build a Linux filesystem.
mountRequired to mount a filesystem.



The following components are required to execute the Automation Suite installer at the time of installation. All Linux components require root to be installed.

ComponentNode(s) the component is required
helmServer and Agent
jqServer and Agent
curlServer and Agent
opensslServer and Agent
uuiddServer and Agent
ncServer and Agent
httpd-toolsServer and Agent
iscsi-initiator-utilsServer and Agent
iscsidServer and Agent
rke2 services with KubernetesServer and Agent
longhornServer and Agent

*Only required for offline installation



Of the components that were installed, the following run as root during normal Automation Suite cluster operations.

ComponentNode(s) the compenent is requiredWhy is root required to execute?
iscsi-initiator-utilsServer and AgentRequired to provide the server daemon for the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) protocol, as well as the utility programs used to manage it.
iscsidServer and AgentRequired to implement the control path for iSCSI protocol for distributing disk access using SCSI commands sent over Internet Protocol networks, plus some management facilities.
rke2 services with KubernetesServer and AgentRequired to configure containers and networking rules in the Kubernetes distribution.
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longhornServer and AgentRequired to manage block storage between containers and the disks on the machines.
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Root privileges requirements

This page describes the root permissions you need to install Automation Suite.

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