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Last updated Jul 24, 2024

Release notes

18 October 2022

Azure template version2022.4.8
Automation Suite version2022.4.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed version incompatibility for nvidia-container-toolkit.
  • Fixed a rare race condition where port 6443 was not available.

13 October 2022

Azure template version2022.4.7
Automation Suite version2022.4.2

What’s New

  • You can now use the Azure deployment template to install Automation Suite 2022.4.2.

7 September 2022

Azure template version2022.4.6
Automation Suite version2022.4.1


  • We have updated the disk resize file link.

11 August 2022

Azure template version2022.4.5
Automation Suite version2022.4.1

What’s New

  • You can now use the Azure deployment template to install Automation Suite 2022.4.1.

9 August 2022

Azure template version2022.4.4
Automation Suite version2022.4.0


  • We have separated logs from operation success flags. While they both continue to be available in the storage account, they are now stored in separate dedicated containers: logs and flags, respectively. For more details, see Exploring flags and logs.
  • We have removed wget and unzip output to have clear logs.
  • We have set a new timeout value for registration checks. The operation will fail faster when encountering network issues.

Bug Fixes

  • The output parameters were not correct when using a custom domain.
  • A bug was affecting the instance refresh runbook and was preventing node hostnames from being properly matched.

14 July 2022

Azure template version2022.4.3
Automation Suite version2022.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Trying to use a custom hostname for servers resulted in a failed deployment.

11 July 2022

Azure template version2022.4.2
Automation Suite version2022.4.0

What’s New

  • We have introduced a series of new parameters you can use in the deployment: Server Node Hostname, Agent Node Hostname, Gpu Node Hostname, and Task Mining Node Hostname. For parameter descriptions, see Step 2: Deploying Automation Suite to Azure.


  • We have added a tag showing the template version on each resource. Aside from that, we have fixed an issue preventing some resources from being properly tagged.
  • We have moved the script variables from automations.json to mainTemplate.json.

15 June 2022

Azure template version2022.4.1
Automation Suite version2022.4.0

What’s New


  • When an Agent Virtual Machine Instance is terminated, we cordon, drain, and delete that node from the Automation Suite cluster. For details, see Instance termination.

24 May 2022

Azure template version2022.4.0
Automation Suite version2022.4.0

What’s New

  • You can now install Data Service via the Azure template.
  • We have added ArgoCD user password in the Key Vault.
  • The Task Mining node SKU size is now exposed as a parameter.
  • We have added backup configuration and resources as a nested template. You can enable or disable it via a dedicated parameter.
  • We now support ultra disks, F-series VMs, and an additional GPU SKU (Standard_NC8as_T4_v3).
  • We have moved SQL database creation in the ARM template, added elastic pool, and moved all databases to the elastic pool.
  • Instance protection for server nodes now prevents accidental deletion that would cause data loss.
  • We have segregated Virtual Machine admin credentials from the the credentials used for Automation Suite installation.
  • We have added the existing SQL option when deploying the template.


  • We have made improvements to the hardware requirement validation script.
  • We have improved security by referencing storage keys instead of using outputs.
  • You can now expect a better logging experience.
  • We have made minor text description changes.

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