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Project Settings

Excel Business project settings enable you to configure multiple properties that are common to Excel activities designed for StudioX globally for your current project.

To configure Excel business project settings:

  1. Select Project > Project Settings.
  2. Under Activities Settings, select the Excel Business tab.
  3. The settings are split into different categories, and each setting has a Run value and a Debug value. Expand the categories to update the desired settings.
    You can reset all settings to their default values or copy all values between the debug and production fields using the Bulk Actions drop-down menu at the top of the window.

Excel Business

Launch Excel

These settings determine how Excel is started at runtime.

Property NameProperty DescriptionDefault Setting
Launch method Automation - Excel is started by the automation APIs. This is faster, but not all add-ins load, so it can caused problems if the workbook relies on an add-in to function correctly.
Application - Excel is started like a user manually opened it, ensuring that all aspects of Excel load, such as add-ins.
Time to wait for Excel to start
(in seconds)
How many seconds to wait for Excel to open the file before generating an error.20

Excel Visibility

These settings determine whether Excel windows are visible during the automation.

Property NameProperty DescriptionDefault Setting
Show Excel window True - Excel files are opened by the project with their windows visible to the user.

False - Excel files are opened by the project in the background, with their windows hidden.

Note: If an Excel file is already open, this property is ignored and the visibility setting of the already open Excel instance is used (usually visible).
Show Excel alerts True - Excel alerts are displayed to the user during the automation.
False - Excel alerts are hidden during the automation.

* Note: This option can't be set to True when the Show Excel window option is set to False.

Use Excel File

These settings determine what formatting should be applied to values read from Excel when using the Use Excel File activity.

Property NameProperty DescriptionDefault Setting
Read Formatting Default - Use the default formatting returned by Excel.

RawValue - Use the raw values and ignore all formatting.

* DisplayValue - Retrieve the values as displayed in Excel.



These settings can be configured individually for each Use Excel File activity by changing the Read Formatting property in the Properties panel.

Excel Preview

These settings determine how Excel is accessed at design time, when using the Plus plus buttonplus button menu.

Property nameProperty DescriptionDefault Setting
Excel preview type Default - Let StudioX decide the preview type to use.
UseXmlFile - Parses the contents of the Excel file. This is limited to only .xlsx files that do not rely on add-ins to load.
* UseExcelInstance - Uses Excel to read the contents of the file. This enables previewing any file that can be opened by Excel. Previews are faster if the file is already open in Excel.



In order to use the UseExcelInstance preview type with the Application launch method, the file must be already open in Excel.

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Project Settings

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