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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scope


Opens an authenticated connection to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps support three security models for authentication: claims-based authentication, Active Directory authentication, and OAuth 2.0.

When using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scope activity, you don't need to specify the security model used. Instead, you enter a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Username, Password, and URL to establish an authenticated connection.

For more information, see the Microsoft Authenticate users in Dynamics 365 documentation.


The values for the following properties are specified when adding this activity to your project in UiPath Studio.


  • DisplayName - String - The display name of the activity.
    • Default value: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scope


  • Password - String - The password associated with the user entered in the Username property.
  • URL - String - The URL of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance that you want to connect to.
  • Username - String - The username of the user that you want to authenticate.
    • The username must be associated with a user that has the security roles needed to edit records. For more information, see the Microsoft Security roles and privileges documentation.

About the Connect button

Before editing a project that includes the MicrosoftDynamics365Scope activity, you must click the Connect button (shown below) when it is shown in the Designer panel.

Clicking the Connect button opens the connection to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. After a successful connection, the button changes to Reconnect and your platform's existing records and fields are added as available input values for the other Microsoft Dynamics 365 activities.

If the Reconnect button is shown in the Designer panel, you are connected and no further action is required.


  • Private - Checkbox - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scope

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