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Get Exchange Mail Messages


Retrieves an email message from Exchange.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.
  • TimeoutMS - Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for the activity to run before an error is thrown. The default value is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds).

Exchange settings

  • Server - The email server host that is to be used.
  • ExchangeVersion - Specifies the lowest version of the Exchange server that is used. The options displayed in this field range from the 2007 to the 2013 version. Please note that the version number indicates the lowest level of service you support. This means that if you have a 2016 exchange server, you can select the Exchange2013 option.
  • EmailAutodiscover - Searches automatically for an Exchange server by using an email address from that server. This works only if the Exchange server has Autodiscover enabled.


  • User - The username of the Exchange account used to retrieve the message.
  • Password - The password of the Exchange account used to retrieve the message.
  • Domain - The Active Directory domain to connect to.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.

Office 365 settings

  • ApplicationId - The ID of your Azure Active Directory Application. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • AuthenticationType - The authentication options for Office 365. The available options are:
  • UserNameAndPassword - Standard Username and Password Login.
  • Interactive - Interactive Token (Auth 2.0).
  • Windows Integrated - Integrated Windows Authentication.
  • DirectoryId - The ID of your Azure Active Directory. This field supports only strings and String variables.


  • GetAttachments - Specifies whether to retrieve the attachments in the email message. By default, this check box is cleared.
  • IsBodyHtml - Specifies whether the body of the message is written in HTML format.
  • Top - The number of messages to be retrieved starting from the top of the list.
  • OnlyUnreadMessages - Specifies whether to retrieve only unread messages. By default, this check box is selected.
  • MarkAsRead - Specifies whether to mark retrieved messages as read. By default, this check box is cleared.


  • Messages - The retrieved messages as a collection of MailMessage objects.


  • MailFolder - The mail folder from which the messages are to be retrieved.
  • SharedMailbox - Enables the retrieving of messages from a shared mailbox linked to an Exchange user account.

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Get Exchange Mail Messages

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