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The UiPath Automation Hub Guide


This page contains the attended automations built by citizen developers that are Ready to be consumed as well as the Submissions that are awaiting to be reviewed from a technical point of view. For each automation, a profile card is displayed providing summarized information about it.

Explore Automations

The Explore Automations page displays the items for which the Idea Source is Citizen Developer. These are automations shared by the Citizen Developer users via the Share Automation form.

The page holds a gallery view split in 2 sections, with the automations that are in the following phase and status:

  • Ready to Consume
LiveIn Production
  • Submissions
Business reviewApproved
Technical reviewAwaiting review
Rework required
On Hold
QualificationOn Hold
AnalysisAny Status
Solution DesignAny Status
DevelopmentNot Started
In Progress
TestingAny Status
LiveReady for Production
On Hold

As soon as you find an automation you are interested in, click the corresponding card. The Automation Profile page is displayed.

Automations displayed in the Ready to Consume view can be requested so you can use them in your day to day work. As soon as you click Request a pop-up containing a Thank you message is displayed. An email is sent and a task is generated for the Technical Reviewers to provide you the automation you requested.

The button's label is updated to Requested and also it increases the counter of Requests for that automation.

We encourage you to frequently check out automations marked as Submissions and, if any of them presents interest for you, click on the Interested button in order to express your support regarding its implementation. As soon as you click the button the automation is made available in the Workspace > Following table.



Automations from the Submissions list cannot be Requested.

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