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Last updated 2023年11月24日

Integrations Overview

UiPath Platform has over 500+ built-in official activities for IT Automation that enable automations for all areas of the IT Ecosystem (both cloud and on-premises): ITSM, User Management, Access Control, Infrastructure Management, Security Orchestration, Audit, and more.

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Built-in IT Automation Activities

Note: UiPath IT Automation Official Activities:
  • are developed and owned by UiPath (official support, maintenance, docs) and are VERACODE certified
  • use the official APIs / SDKs provided by the technology vendors (e.g. Microsoft, VMware, Citrix)
  • run in the background and can be included in both attended and unattended workflows

Cross-platform compatibility

IT Automation activity packages can be integrated in cross-platform UiPath workflows that run on Windows, MacOS and Linux (+Serverless).

Use the below table to identify the compatibility between the platform and UiPath IT Automation activities:


Windows (legacy Studio projects)

Windows (modern Studio projects)

Linux MacOS Serverless (cross-platform Studio projects)

Amazon Web Services

AWS Workspaces


Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Active Directory

Google Cloud Platform

Active Directory

NetIQ eDirectory

Exchange Server

System Center

Citrix Hypervisor


VMware ESXi 1.x

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