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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated 19 de abr de 2024

Performing yearly certificate maintenance

We recommend rotating certificates before their expiration date. Make sure to schedule a downtime period to address potential issues. To be informed in a timely manner of the certificate expiration dates, configure alerts for your cluster. Doing so prevents service disruptions. For more details, see Alert runbooks.

We highly recommend performing the following yearly maintenance tasks:

  1. Renew the SSL certificate. For details, see Managing server certificates.

  2. Renew the identity certificate. For details, see Managing identity token-signing certificates .

  3. Renew the internal Kubernetes certificate. For details, see Managing Rancher certificates.

  4. Renew the cattle webhooks certificate. For details, see the Rancher documentation.

  5. Clean up logs manually. For details, see How to clean up logs.

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