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Last updated Feb 19, 2024

Callout how-to guides

This page includes guides and resources that can help you learn how to create automations using the activities in this package.


Step-by-step guides on how to create automations from scratch. Each tutorial includes a project that you can download and open in UiPath Studio.

Building your first calloutBuild your first callouts, inside the context of the Trigger-based Attended Automation solution. The tutorial consists of guiding a user through the website, to search the weather for the place where they're currently in. Show Callout
Design forms using custom HTMLCreate and display a simple form using an HTML file. This form displays a short message, two buttons, and the live date and time when the user interacts with the form.

You can apply these steps to create custom HTML callout files, too.

Show Callout, Form trigger activity, Close form
Creating a guided product tourCreate a guided product tour, as part of the digital adoption attended scenario. This tutorial, in particular, shows how to create a guided tour for the Wikipedia website. Form trigger activity, Show Callout, Show Form

Workflow examples

Prebuilt projects for automating common tasks that you can download and open in Studio. See the annotations in the projects for additional instructions on how to configure them.

Video tutorials

Designing validation for existing appsDesign validations using callouts, forms, and triggers, for a smooth user experience while using the UiDouble sample application. Form trigger activity, Show Callout, Show Form
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