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Last updated Dec 5, 2023

Extract Date and Time from Text


Extracts date and time from the given input text matching the specified format and outputs the first result as a DateTime variable if only the first result is needed or a collection of DateTime variables if more results are found.

Project Compatibility

Windows | Cross-Platform


  • Source Text - The input from which the activity extracts the date and time. Click on the "+" button next to the field to select the type of input you want to use.
  • Date and time format - The date and time format for the output of the activity. Click on the dropdown button next to the field to select one of the default the date and time formats, add a custom one using the expression editor, or use a variable. For more details on the supported date and time formats, read the Microsoft documentation.

  • Preview - Preview of the output.

Properties Panel


  • Localization Code - This setting is used by the activity to understand the language used in the input field.


  • First Extracted DateTime - A DateTime variable containing the first occurrence of DateTime from the input text.
  • All Extracted DateTimes - A collection of DateTime variables containing all occurrences of DateTime from the input text.
  • Project Compatibility
  • Configuration
  • Properties Panel
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