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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

About the System activity package

The System activity package contains all the basic tools used for creating automation projects. These tools enable the robots to:

  • Manipulate data tables by adding or extracting information.
  • Directly interact with directories and files on your machine, performing any action a human user would.

Additionally, this package helps you to create and execute automation projects themselves, by offering logical operators and expressions, or activities, and APIs that communicate directly with Orchestrator, performing various tasks.

To create automation project using the System package tools, choose one of the following experiences:

  • Low-code - Use low-code automations paired with System Activities.
    • As of v2018.3, the UiPath.Core.Activities package was split into the UI Automation and System packages.
    • Starting with v20.10.1, this activity package is validated for use in C# projects.
  • Coded - Use coded automations, paired with System APIs.

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