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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

About the Form activity package

The Form activity package allows you to create complex customized forms, with the purpose of collecting user or application input.

Starting with the 23.4.3 release, a new Form experience is available, marking the split between two different Form experiences:
  • Learn more about the current Form experience here.
  • Learn more about the pre 23.4 Form experience here.

Breaking change

The 23.4.3 version of the Form.Activities package causes a breaking change for workflows built with previous versions of Form.Activities (2.0.5 and lower).

If you want to reuse the workflows that you created with package versions 2.0.5 or lower, inside projects that use versions 23.4.3 or higher, you need to recreate them using the following activities.

Version backward compatibility

Form activity packages are backward compatible only to patches of the same minor versions. Downgrading to a minor or a major version breaks the workflow.

Installed Version

Compatible Version







Upgrades and downgrades

Be sure when you commit to a newer, minor or major version of the UiPath.Form.Activities package, as it is not backward compatible to lower minor versions. That is if you choose to upgrade from v2.0.x to v23.4.x, you can't downgrade to v2.0.x without breaking the workflow.

  • Breaking change
  • Version backward compatibility

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