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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

About the pre 23.4 Form experience

To connect and share data between UiPath Studio, UiPath Assistant, and UiPath.Form.Activities, the package uses an internal Data Connector Mechanism.

To generate schemas from NuGet Packages or from custom data, including user-defined data types in UiPath Data Service, the Form activity package uses a built-in schema generator logic.

The UiPath Form Designer found in the activity package is a customized implementation of the engine that provides a drag and drop form builder experience in Studio. The UiPath Form Designer functionality complies with internal security requirements.

CefSharp Dependencies

  • UiPath.Form.Activities version 1.1.8 is compatible only with versions from 4.10.2 to 4.12.0 included, if used in the same workflow.
  • UiPath.Form.Activities version 1.1.11 is compatible only with versions higher than or equal to 4.13.0, if used in the same workflow.


To use the old Form experience:

  • Install Form.Activities versions 2.0.5 or lower.
  • In UiPath Studio, version 2021.4, install UiPath.Form.Activities v1.1.11+. Otherwise, when you open the UiPath Form Designer, it does not hold focus and you cannot interact with the Studio UI elements.
  • Install NET Desktop Runtime 5.0 to use the UiPath.Form.Activities versions 2.0.1-preview and lower.
  • CefSharp Dependencies
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