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Workflow Activities
Last updated Feb 19, 2024

System Activities how-to guides

This page includes guides and resources that can help you learn how to create automations using the activities in the System activity package.


Step-by-step guides on how to create automations from scratch. Each tutorial includes a project that you can download and open in UiPath Studio.

RegEx Builder WizardThe RegEx Builder wizard is created to ease your process of building and testing Regular Expression search criteria. 
Manage DataTablesCreate and print a data table, look up the specified value, clear and print the data table.

Build Data Table

Output Data Table

Clear Data Table

Lookup Data Table

Match and ReplaceFind and match the values corresponding to a defined regular expression and replaces them with a specified value.

Find Matching Patterns

Replace Matching Patterns

Add Data Row/ColumnBuild a DataTable with columns and rows.

Add Data Row

Add Data Column

Output Data Table

Remove Data Row/ColumnRemove rows and columns from a DataTable

Remove Data Column

Remove Data Row

For Each Row in Data Table

Get Row Item

Build and Filter DataTableFilter and extract data from a DataTable

Build Data Table

Filter Data Table

Output Data Table

For Each Row

Get Row Item

Manipulate TablesBuild a table, merge it, sort the data and remove duplicates.

Merge Data Table

Sort Data Table

Remove Duplicate Rows

Extract Data From WebsiteOpen a web page and display a drop-down list from which to extract the data and display it in a message box.

Open Browser

Find Element

Find Children

For Each

Message Box

Manage ProcessesStart an operation, verify it, and then close it.

Start Process

Get Process

Kill Process

User Triggered ActivitiesExecute activities triggered by the user's actions (mouse click or keystroke).

Monitor Events

Click Image Trigger

Get Source Element

Get Event Info

Working With Files and FoldersManipulate files and folders, work with conditions, and use the formulas built-in to the Project Notebook in StudioX.

File Exists

Create Folder

Create File

Delete Folder

Move Folder

Move File

Write Text File

Append Line

Studio Web templates

Preconfigured projects that automate common scenarios. You can use a template as is or you can use it as a starting point for a new project to avoid starting from scratch. Templates are also a good way to learn how to automate.

You can find the following templates with activities from this package in Studio Web:

Extract new lead information from an Outlook email and add it in SalesforceWhen receiving an email on Outlook containing information about a lead, extract the relevant data and create a new Salesforce entry.

Microsoft Outlook 365


Extract contents when a zip file is added to OneDriveUnzips the contents of a newly uploaded zip file from OneDrive to a dedicated folder.


Extract contents when a zip file is added to Google DriveUnzips the contents of a newly uploaded zip file from Google Drive to a dedicated folder.

Google Drive

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