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The Build activity compiles the code into a NuGet package. The project referenced by the project.json is packaged into a NuGet package with the version set to the version parameter. The resulting .nupkg is saved in the local robot runtime folder. It is typically placed inside the Stage Activity.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


There is a compatibility requirement between the automation projects you intend to build and the machine that runs the pipeline process.

The correct mapping is:

  • Windows-Legacy project → Build OS: Windows only
  • Windows project→ Build OS: Windows only
  • Cross-Platform project→ Build OS: Windows or Linux


Designer panel
  • Repository path - The path to the local clone of the repository. Typically output from Clone.

  • Project path - (Optional) The path of the project.json file relative to Repository path. Typically provided by Automation Ops through Default arguments. If not provided, defaults to project.json.
Properties panel


  • Continue on error - (Optional) Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is False. As a result, if the field is blank and an error is thrown, the execution of the project stops. If the value is set to True, the execution of the project continues regardless of any error.


  • Version - (Optional) The package version. If not provided, it defaults to the version in project.json. The valid format of the version is The revision and build are optional (for example, 1.2 or 1.2.3 or
  • Author - (Optional) The author to be set on the package. If not provided, it is set to the account the automation runs under.

  • Repository type - (Optional) The used source control type (such as git, svn, uip etc.).

  • Repository URL - (Optional) The remote repository URL of the project.json file.
  • Repository brach - (Optional) The source branch for the package.

  • Repository commit - (Optional) The commit ID (the commit SHA for git repositories).

  • Include sources - (Optional) Sets whether the automation source code is packed as well. Default value is False.

  • Skip validation - (Optional) Skips project validation. The default value is Off (the validation is performed).


  • NuGet Package path - The absolute path to the built package. Typically used to be passed to other activities such as .

  • Description
  • Project compatibility
  • Configuration

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